10 Tips for Beginner Mayors

Simcity Buildit Tips

SimCity BuildIt belongs to the Sim series of gaming and provides the gamers with an impressive game that does not fail to impress. Here are some tips for the new mayors at SimCity:

  • Fire Tip: Once you have gathered enough SimCash to build a large fire station, you can build it, but restrict the helicopters to the number 5. Also, make sure to demonstrate the fire truck garages.
  • Education Tip: Education is the ultimate key that will keep your Sims happy, healthy and away from crime. When you have unlocked schools, colleges and universities, you can start building them and also provide a bus stop in the same area for students to travel safe. There are some high schools and grade schools which make students to disappear. Stay clear of such buildings and if you want to provide the Sims with better education, you can provide them with universities.
  • Water Tip: When you provide water service, ensure that it is well built and provides future water supply. When you have saved enough SimCash, build sewer treatment plant and water pumps close to each other. Also remember to use the filtration pumps in the place of the default water pump to filter the water of ground pollution.
  • Health Tip: Keep the residential areas away from polluters to provide the Sims with good health. The polluters include smelting plants, mines, factories, refineries, oil/ coal power plants, trash dumps, industrial zones, etc.
  • Tourism: When you are building a tourism city or casino, avoid building an airport. Make use of cruise ship terminals and airships to access the city, thereby bringing an income through it.
  • Money: Depending on the High wealth zone, tax the people with 10%. Similarly depending on the medium and low wealth zone, tax them 11% and 12% respectively.
  • Trade Depots and Trade Ports: The game consists of some bugs which make trade trucks to disappear. However, this does not happen if you have only one storage yard type in every trade depot or trade port. You can also have one import type and one export type.
  • Make use of mods: For both online as well as offline gaming, the use of mods will dramatically improve the gameplay. Cam Mod, oil well service roads, multiplopper and Skye’s Regional Freeway mod are some of the essential mods that you need to have.
  • Plan your way: Before you start building plan your layout beforehand and maximize your buildable areas. It is best to start at the dirt roads and slowly build your way through.
  • Market: If you have anything in surplus or need anything urgently, take a look at the market. Chances are that you will find what you need for your people within a matter of minutes.

Simcity buildit hack apk can be used as one way of gearing up on your SimCash as well as Simoleons. This enables you the play the game in a more relaxed way and provide luxuries to your Sims.

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