Farewell to Freedom
~ A New Day Western Genre' ~
Written from a Woman's Point of View.


Anita Waggoner ~ Author


L.Delgado, Las Vegas:

Farewell to Freedom is the first full-length novel by Anita Waggoner. Although she has yet to find her true voice, she does a decent job with this book. It is the story of Cheyenne, a woman who loves too deeply, gives too freely, and laughs too heartily; she is the woman whom all women secretly envy. Cheyenne wears the pants in the relationship, (in her case, they are designer jeans) but never surrenders her femininity. As a wealthy divorcee, Cheyenne relocates to a geographically undesirable area, and manages to find a new love who is the polar opposite of her first husband, the appropriately named Rowdy Harrison.

It's a wonderful tale of an outsider's struggle to find her place in a worn community, and in the whirlwind of her journey, creates something beautiful in order to leave her mark on the world.
Waggoner's tale is a bit wordy, and the story line back-pedals in a few instances, but quickly picks up pace.

Her best feature is the dialogue between Cheyenne and Rowdy. It's as if you are hanging out with a bunch of old friends. It flows evenly, and the appropriate curse words are interjected at just the right moment. She paints a vivid, albeit somewhat bleak, landscape of the Oklahoma countryside, and we see it through her eyes, as if we were standing there overlooking the fields. Cheyenne and Rowdy's love/hate relationship seems to coincide with Cheyenne's description of her natural surroundings. One minute she is standing in a golden field of wheat, feeling the sun on her face, and all is peaceful.
By the end of the story and near the end of their long term relationship, she encounters her fiercest foe, Mother Nature,
who throws everything at her, including a tornado. If this book were made into a movie, it would be very successful. Plus, it would be the first time that I actually preferred the movie over the book.

Midwest Book Review, Oregon, WI:

Love makes everything seem like a good idea at the time. "Farewell to Freedom: What Happens in Las Vegas Doesn't Necessarily Stay in Vegas" tells of Cheyenne Stevens challenges of life where in dissatisfaction with her marriage, she flees to Vegas and finds love with a country boy and is taken to a new life in Oklahoma. But the honeymoon for Cheyenne never seems to last long,
"Farewell to Freedom" is a thoughtful romance, highly recommended.

Encino BookMan, Los Angeles, Califorrnia: 

I gave Farewell to Freedom a shot as I know there are a lot of undiscovered gems out there by unknown authors. It hooked me. Cheyenne, the main character, gets screwed over by her husband who finally acknowledges having a mistress. She's been married for over two decades so now she's effectively going through a midlife crisis. On this crisis, she takes a trip to Vegas with a friend.
While in Vegas, she meets Rowdy. Long story short, they hit it off and before you know it, they're together and moving to Freedom (which apparently really is a place in Oklahoma, who'd of guessed). It's peachy for a little while as Cheyenne does what she can to be an entrepeneur. The problem is, Rowdy isn't that much better than her ex husband and she finds herself in constant trouble.
There are a few characters that really make you want to throw your rists. The way I see it is that if an author can write a character that makes me wish they were real so I could slug them, then he/she did a good job. Other than a little bit of over dramatizing, this one is well done. If you're looking to get something a little out of the norm and go with a new author, here's one for you.

Book Lord: Sarasota, Florida: 

When I first looked at "Farewell to Freedom", I wasn't sure I was going to like it. When it
comes to this kind of book, I can get a bit picky. The thing is, when I began reading, I actually felt something. The author has obviously woven in some personal experience although I believe that the overall story is fiction, this real-life element helps anchor this story in reality.
Throughout the book, I really felt for the main character Cheyenne Stevens. She keeps getting crap thrown at her, starting with her now ex-husband's infidelity. She picks herself up, "gets knocked down but gets up again". She deals with a thriving business, then failing business, a new love who turns out to be a schlep. The thing is, she keeps going despite it all.
One character I couldn't stand was Rowdy (the new boyfriend). I wanted to knock him out. In this respect, the author did a good job as I don't normally get that real-life annoyed with a character but he really took the cake. This is a good one.

Patricia from Washington:

Even through the heroine's disappointments and trauma, Farewell to Freedom will give you some gut busting laughs. Some of the characters will actually remind you of people you've met, which makes it an even better read. I especially enjoyed the author's descriptions of the fictional Oklahoma cowboys. Flaws and all, they are a colorful bunch to say the least. And the various townspeople (fictional, of course) are colorful and interesting
as well. The book depicts small
town America to the fullest.

For a first time author Ms. Waggoner has done a great job  in keeping the reader interested and wanting more.

Janni from Kirkland:

Farewell to Freedom is an action packed western romance filled with a multitude of realistic day to day life experiences that one might expect to encounter while living in a small rural town such as Freedom. I laughed and I cried. It held my interest. I could not put it down.
The author Anita Waggoner has a unique  writing style that holds the reader's attention; taking you from one unbelievable scenario to the next keeping you excited as you wonder what you'll read when you turn  the page. It was a fascinating story, one that I believe will be
accepted by both men and women readers. I loved it.

Dave from Canada:

Farewell to Freedom
takes you from the bright lights to no lights in a fast paced enlightening tale of opposing forces. A terrific read that keeps you looking for the next chapter. Looking forward to the sequel. PLEASE!!

Wanda from Idaho:

I enjoyed Farewell to Freedom. I would recommend it to my friends. I'd buy another book by the same author.

Dean from Arizona:

Farewell to Freedom
is a story rich with the euphoria of new beginnings, yet tempered by the disappointments which follow. We meet Cheyenne Stevens as she learns her husband has found someone new, and she is helpless to turn the events he has tossed in her lap. We follow her on a sometimes heartbreaking personal journey of escape, excitement,
love, and eventually more disappointment.

One memorable weekend, she meets Rowdy Harrison, a cowboy cut from true Western cloth--polite, warm, fun--and seemingly rugged. But their relationship once again proves the adage: be careful what you wish for.
When their love relationship expands to include a
business, Rowdy is no longer the sturdy rock Cheyenne thought she found.

Anita Waggoner has crafted the reader a fast-paced drama of love and disappointment--a universal tale of what really happens when life overturns our most hopeful expectations.

Rick E. from Arkansas:

What a good read to consistently hold your interest. Farewell to Freedom flowed well from chapter to chapter and I didn't find any weak moments. A spirited encounter with Rowdy that tests the will o
Cheyenne and lessons learned for a lifetime.

Jeff from Glendale, Az:

Did I enjoy Farewell to Freedom? YES! I had A hard time putting it down,Cheyenne Stevens life just changes and she rolls with it like a steam roller. I would like to know her and wouldn't want to be in the way of something she wanted. I enjoyed the reading. Thank you.

Mary Anne from Las Vegas: 

This story had to be told. What took you so long?  I could not put Farewell to Freedom down....a real page turner! When she cried I had her tears on my cheeks, I laughed out loud. When she got angry so did I...every time...cried, laughed, got stomping-my-feet mad angry, again and again. How much can one woman take? I visited Freedom once. I enjoyed the author's description of the little town called Freedom. I thought I liked it...
until I read Farewell To Freedom.

Linda from Spokane:

"I just finished reading Farewell to Freedom and I was very impressed.  I am sure you have a best  seller.  I look forward to your next one."

Marlyn from Oregon:

Had to lay Farewell to Freedom down for two days to deal with various issues however, finished the book last night at 1:50 a.m. cause I couldn't lay it down. Whew! What a book and what a life! What a life lesson. They make us who we are. Good job!!! Loved it

John from Arizona:

I had two firsts with Farewell to Freedom, I ordered a copy and put it on my shelf but then I ordered if for my IPAD . I couldn't put it down. It flowed well with very interesting characters who seemed to love each other in the beginning, but drift apart as one
worked and the other TOOK. Read it and you will enjoy learning about "cowboy life" thru the eyes of an awesome lady, Cheyenne. Nice touch of human emotions. Suggest it to all.

Amazon Reader Kowgirl: 

So you bought yourself a cowboy. Farewell to Freedom is a great read with much insight to the journey of life if one dares to live. The character Cheyenne, makes one laugh at the antics and the possibilities of adventure one can obtain and then have to overcome when given the opportunity. The fictional story is set in modern day era making it real to us who have an inkling to some of the Western way of life.

Matt from Virginia:

Hey stranger. I recieved a call from Freedom today,your book Farewell to Freedom must be a top seller in NW OK. I laughed and laughed about it. From what I heard things havent changed much there. I just wanted to say hi and congrats on your may not remember me but you told me one time you didnt think I'd stay there long......I never forgot that and what do ya know,you were right! hope youre doing well and I look forward to reading the chaos you wrote about. Congrats again and cant wait for the movie. The people here in Virginia never believe me when I talk about life in Freedom, but your book may help.



  Farewell to Freedom

An intimate accounting of a courageous woman's life journey. A captivating story 
  filled with interesting, ruthless characters, outlandish behavior, and wild west adventure.


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