Building A Sanctuary Of A Sweet Boom Beach Headquarter Base


Building a proper headquarter is what I did when I played Boom Beach game, and I found that while building it is all about defense and my strategies for defense. The DO require to be leveled decently to be most effective, and when I used it, I found that my Mortar was 8, Snipers 11, along with MGs and Cannons as well. Though they are not the maximum in number, it was enough to help me in the time of need. The overlapping of all the defensive towers made the base a very intimidating one and also a very difficult one to crack open.

There is a sweet spot around the booming mine where I had to put enough defensive mechanism so that no hidden tank or zooka could plink away at the head quarter without being touched. By building a proper artillery or barrage helped in winning all my defensive moves and no enemy was allowed to touch my buildings for free. I found that as I leveled up the Boom Beach base even got sweeter and once I received the cannon I plopped it right in the front of two flamethrowers facing each other. Similarly, when I got the sniper tower and mortars, I placed them atop my buildings to safeguard.

I placed my MGs and RLs at precise vantage points from where the whole base could be covered, monitored and controlled. I found that at higher levels the Boom Beach cannons and the RLs are very effective and great in creating damage for the opponents but should not be relied on heavily in the lower levels. They are the most targeted ones by people and therefore when I placed them on higher grounds, my enemies lost more AP trying to waste them. The good and building health statute percentage is very useful to change my defensive life.

If the percentage of building health statute is more, it gave my base that much extra strength and makes it even harder for my enemies to take it over from me. It also helps in my resource base as well which is a primary factor in playing the game though I could and sometimes did use the effective boom beach cheats hub (a site for boom beach lovers who provides genuine tricks and guides) for resources and some additional tips and help. This was a huge boon for me as I could procure weapons and arms of a higher level having more damage making ability.

It is not required to reach to HQ level 16 to enjoy the benefits, but any lower level than that would help. I barely could enhance my defensive strategies to HQ 11 but still was able to keep all my enemies at bay. Having a little extra resource remaining for others to try and take it was a perfect and strategic defense technique. It is all about the impact that I could raise on others, and when I looked scary to others, I did not even need to upgrade the base but concentrated on upgrading my other elements in the base like the wood and iron storage and improving my radar and armory.

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